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What is String Chain?

The String Chain is a social ecosystem that will use decentralized thinking, blockchain technology,
and to connect and streamline current social media platforms. Specifically, it will address the following issues:

Content Ownership Issues
Users have created a large amount of text, pictures, and other content, but the value it brings is owned by social platforms. In this system, there is a lack of incentive and respect for user creation.
Privacy Security Issues
Users cannot reasonably and effectively control their own personal information, and data could be stolen and fraudulently used. Users' network security cannot be guaranteed.
Inequity of Incentive Mechanisms
In social networks, 1% of followers (social media influencers, online celebrities, etc.) can often receive excess returns. However, from the perspective of 99% of followers, their time and experience did not receive mutual feedback.
Duplicate registration issues
Currently, users need to re-register for an account for each new platform they use. This process is tedious, inefficient, and prone to safety problems. At the same time, it makes it extremely difficult for new products to acquire original users and development space.


We use trusted authentication technology that monitors the user’s social behaviour while protecting user’s private information where their ID can be stored in multidimensional identity authentication information which commonly used in DAPPs.

Privacy Rights

An agreement of privacy protection for users will be set up on behalf of string where users can choose their level of information exposure to maximise their privacy. To access the data users will need authorize themselves.

Quantitative reward distribution

We will reward users in the form of virtual currency for their engagement with the DAPP and the level of content produced. In the social network ecosystem of string, all user behavior will be valuable.

Jan. 2018

The String Chain team was set up to undertake development and research on Blockchain underlying technology.


Aug. 2018

The String Chain team issues cryptocurrency STC based on EOS main chain and clarifies the project roadmap.


Oct. 2018

The String Chain accomplishes cornerstone investment and private equity investment.


Nov. 2018

STC is listed in the exchanges around and is open for trading.


Feb. 2019

The first adoption scenario is implemented for commissioning.


Apr. 2019

String Chain 1.0 has completed its development. The algorithm and the technology has initially met the market requirements.


May – Jun. 2019

The initial construction of String Chain ecosystem is ready, accomplish technical enabling of at least 10 implementation scenarios; with at least 1 major technical update been conducted.


Mid 2020-2022

The String Chain is facilitated to be the technology benchmark in the social media industry, which will be conductive to most new platforms being developed based on the String Chain underlying technology. The String Chain mega community ecosystem id formed.


2023- looking to the future

to enhance the reconstruction of the whole social media ecosystem, the development of in-ternet society and the realization of internet spirit.

Our Team

Dr. Mark Sinclair
  • Former Chief Assessor, KPMG QCI
  • Former MBA lecturer, RMIT
  • Consultant in A.T. Kearney and KPMG
Dallas Brooks
  • Co-founder, HCash
  • Investment expert, in commercial institutions and financial industry
  • Host of TV show Dollars with Sense
James Lynch
  • Co-founder, Castle Coin
  • Extensive industrial experience in financial service, marketing, financial education
  • Extensive experience in business, taxation
Leon Sun
  • The founder of EOS Eco Node EOSIO.SG Team
  • 6 years of experience in social product design and development
  • EOS Expert
  • Blockchain Technology Expert
  • Active member of the EOS technology community
  • Years of experience in distributed service development
Our Advisors

Greg Matwejev
  • CBA Sydney Futures Exchange PIT Futures Trader
  • ANZ Management Agency Futures Desk
  • Macquarie Bank Management Futures Desk
Adam Phillips
  • Founder of Blue Fin Capital
  • ASX Derivatives Advisor Certification
  • Former Citibank Global Asset Management
Guandong Xu
  • Associate Professor, UTS
  • Main research in data mining and data analysis, social network analysis and social media mining
  • Expert in the underlying technology of Blockchain
George Tian
  • Senior lecturer, University of Technology Sydney
  • Domain Name Arbitrator, World Intellectual Property Organization of the United Nations
  • Visiting Scholar, Oxford University
Qunqiang Feng
  • Associate Professor, USTC
  • Mathematical Statistics and Complex Networks
  • Participated in many research projects of National Natural Science Foundation of China
Weiping Zhang
  • Associate Professor, USTC
  • Research Scholar at universities including University of Wisconsin and National University of Singapore
  • Director of the Data Analysis Laboratory
Baisuo Jin
  • Associate Professor, USTC
  • Postdoctoral research, NSYSU
  • Participated in many research projects of National Natural Science Foundation of China
Andrew Wasylewicz
  • HCash Business Development Manager
  • Professional in investment and financial insurance
  • Technology practitioner of Blockchain
John Xu
  • Founding partner of SpectreLinkers
  • Extensive experience in financial and legal services
  • B.Ec & ll.b in UNSW
Brian Ye
  • Founder and Director of CNPower Group
  • Australian Institute of Certified Public Accountants
  • An abundance of experience in business,
  • taxation and corporate services
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